LinkedIn for Sales: A Few Tips

LinkedIn is more than just a CV database! Leverage it as a selling channel with these tips.

It seems like everyone is talking about it, using LinkedIn as part of your sales strategy. Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your buddy, let’s call him Rob, a leading sales guy at for his company meets you for lunch. After some of the typical small talk, you begin discussing work. Suddenly, Rob mentions that he finally signed up for … Read More

Intro To How SEO Can Grow Your Business

SEO — It can Help Grow Your Business By Getting Your Site To The Front Page Of Google Search Results

These days every business needs a current website to stay competitive in the modern market. While this is an accepted standard, websites are mostly poorly optimized for SEO — and business websites are some of worst culprits. It seems to me that business owners have finally managed to accept some of the hefty price tags for web design and development work, but … Read More