A Software Agency:

Creating Web Applications, Business Software, and Mobile Apps

Atomic's core services are focused on helping businesses achieve their goals with the help of software. Our experienced team is ready to solve your software problems and provide guidance and done for your services to achieve your goals. We pride ourselves on being able to offer these solutions to you with a true human experience, providing you with education to understand the proposed work. We believe in empowering our customers to better understand their needs, solutions, and alternative options.

Our team of veteran developers have experiences ranging from websites, web application, ERP business software, and mobile apps for both Apple ios and Android mobile devices.

Our team is ready to build software to your specifications, on time and on budget. We also provide ongoing support, monitoring your software's performances and offering an easy way to change and update your applications to your needs.


Atomic both designs and develops websites for our clients. Most of our clients chose to have a custom WordPress website designed in order to provide a customized website experience for their prospects that will match their own brand while staying in an affordable price range with easy editing capabilities from the WordPress content management system's administrative backend.

We believe in a collaborative approach, where the client is asked to revise our work along the way, provide their feedback, and generate at least some basic content to display on their websites. This allows Atomic to keep your website's personality in sync with that of you and your business.

We're able to provide advanced, custom solutions through custom coding plugins and modules to function on the WordPress website systems. If you require any automation, booking systems, advanced E-Commerce features, dynamic information or any other special features, Atomic is ready to include them into your site design and development.


Cross Platform Development

We develop for all platforms and can make our software available cross-platform: Web, PC, Mac, Android, & iOs

Raise Your Profitability

Automation of repetitive tasks can help improve your company’s profitability. Consider talking with us to see if we can automate the boring stuff and save your personnel for more important tasks!

Professional Developers

Atomic has a team of talented veteran developers in its professional network for any complex projects. They’re happy to dive into the next exciting project.

Modern & Clean Interfaces

We use state of the art UI frameworks to give our web design projects a professional and modern look and feel. Need something custom designed? No problem! We have talented designers in our professional network who would be happy to design a front end that will exceed your requirements.


Atomic builds elegant & functional, e-commerce systems on the Shopify platform as Shopify Partners.

Shopify offers a wonderful platform to sell things online. Its features and integrations are unmatched in the e-commerce world, providing entrepreneurially minded folks a fantastic starting point to sell online or through a point of sale system.

So, Why Work with Atomic?

As Shopify Partners, Atomic has studied Shopify’s structure, systems, and best practices. Atomic keeps up to date with current Shopify trends and developments.. Atomic is also able to access priority support on your behalf if any emergency situations occur.


Modular Systems

Shopify’s modular system based approached means that development and deployment of your Shopify store can be done quickly and effectively.

Powerful, Integrated Platform

Shopify works with other distribution platforms and other software effectively. Want to integrate your accounting software? No Problem. How about your inventory management system? Too Easy. Whatever the integration you need, Atomic will be able to find a solution for you.

Registered Shopify Partner In Northern Ontario


Atomic helps businesses create custom software and applications for both internal and external uses. We've built complex ERP systems, communication applications, and consumer-focused software. 

Our team works mostly in backend technologies such as Python, Django, Django REST framework, Flask, Ruby, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, & PHP. Our front ends are typically created with Bootstrap 4 or Google's Materialize CSS frameworks.

Confused by the terms above? No problem!

The Atomic team takes the time to meet with you, your stakeholders, and subject matter experts in order to understand your needs and goals. We provide you with a clear plan, with clear milestones, in plain English. Our goal is to take care of the technical elements for you - including the jargon!

Software ERP development

Experienced Team

An experienced team with a deep understanding of multiple technology stacks

Simplified for Non-Technical Clients

We understand that not all clients know programming jargon and industry terms. That's why we will take the time to make sure that we understand each other, and that all recommendations, milestones, and services are clear.

Modern Technologies

Our team has experience with modern technology stacks. We've developed a specialty with backend development using Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, and PHP.


Developing for mobile technologies in both Apple ios and Google's Android system are necessary in today's technological landscape. Atomic creates mobile applications for both platforms with a single code base by using cross-platform technologies such as Google's Flutter, React Native, and Vue Native.

Atomic's experience with backend development is a huge benefit to mobile applications since we can be sure that your data is secure, available to your mobile users, and loads quickly. 

We can create applications both for the public market but also for private use. Business tools and proprietary software can be made available to your employees and stackholder.

Mobile Application Development

Cross Platform

Atomic Growth codes in cross-platform languages like Flutter, React Native, and Vue Native. With a single code base we can deploy mobile applications to both android and ios systems.

Experienced Developers

Our team is experienced in a variety of different application types, and development technology stacks. Our specialty in backend development empowers us to create more robust mobile applications that are secure, quick, and have high availability for users.

Talented Designers

Our designers are ready to create the visual elements of your mobile application. Our team can create custom image assets, animations, and wonderful User Experiences with their beautiful user interfaces. 


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