If Only You Could Spend More Time Closing Deals Instead Of Prospecting...

Tell us if you've heard this story before: after a long hard week of work, you realize that you've spent over half of your time trying to find leads and prospect them. Over half of your time, you're not growing your business or making sales - you're preparing!

Have you ever thought: "If only there was a way to outsource my prospecting. If only I could spend more time talking to prospects, I'd be able to make even more sales!"

If any of this sounds familiar, you are in the right place.  Atomic is an agency that is focused on the sales force. We want to make your job easier, and help you achieve greater growth and better success.


Powering Your Business

Atomic was conceived to meet a pressing need in the marketing agency industry - the need for real results. When we looked for market gaps  (the services not being met), what we found was a sea of unsatisfied businesses looking for a solution.

If you are tired of the same old song and dance - fed up with new designs, catchphrases, and marketing pipe dreams - and you are looking for real ROI - real results- then you are in the right place.

We are not selling branding services.

We are not selling web designs.

We are not selling SEO solutions.

We are not selling ads or copy.

What we sell - is you.


Solutions For Sales

Finally, an agency that focuses on sales solutions! Atomic's team is constantly adapting and creating new services to help sales teams do what they do best - sell more. If your business is focused on it's sales team, and you want to improve its efficiency, you will find our solutions a breath of fresh air.

Sales For B2B & Professionals

Our services are designed to book you and your sales team with targeted and qualified prospects. We take care of leads and prospecting, and leave the closing to you and your sales team.


Outsource Your Prospecting

You and your sales team should be focused on what you do best - growing your company and closing deals. Why get bogged down with prospecting? Atomic's team will take your requirements and build a leads database, create an outreach campaign, and establish real relationships with your prospects on your behalf. Just let us book you the appointments - and you can focus on your new client increase.

Our Services

Atomic's service offering is split into three focus areas: Social Selling and Prospecting, Influencer Marketing, and Consulting.

Social Selling and Prospecting

Atomic offers tailored "done-for-you" lead generation, prospecting, prospect relationship management, and new customer appointment generation. Our service is built around leveraging social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, in order to find, qualify, interact with, and book new clients on your behalf.

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This Service Is Perfect For

Influencer Marketing

Have you ever wanted to be a celebrity? Atomic can get you established as an industry influencer with the power of social media, reputation management, and Atomic's very own - tailored to you - Rising Star strategy system. Become the established expert in your field, and you'd never need to chase clients again - they will all come to you.

Do you want to be an influencer? Let's talk about Star Power.

Consulting And Training

Are you interested in something a little different? Do you need some expert help for your project or initiative? Atomic offers it's expertise for hire as a consultant service. Whether it's for analyzing your marketing plan, or training your team in social selling, influencer marketing, or digital marketing, we're here to help.

We're ready to help with your sales and marketing efforts.